TikTok iOS

How to Send a Message on TikTok

You want to send direct messages on TikTok to your favourite artiste or you want to chat with your friends on TikTok? This article will hint you on the simple steps to take. Not only that you can sign in…

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Tik Tok Duet

How to Duet Yourself on Tik Tok

Tik Tok duet feature allows users to form align with a love one or Tik Tok celebrity in existing Tik Tok videos and upload it to your profile. If you are basically searching for Tik Tok duet tutorial and how…

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TikTok Profile Picture

How to Change Tik Tok Profile Picture

To be unique on Tik Tok, you need to customize your profile to suit what you share on Tik Tok. One of those approaches includes changing your Tik Tok profile picture to a real picture of you for recognition. Other…

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Delete Tik Tok videos all at once

How to Delete Tik Tok Videos at Once

Tik Tok videos sharing platform has gained a lot of popularity within a short period with everybody uploading various short videos to gain more views and gain more Tik Tok followers due to numerous features such as delete Tik Tok…

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Tik Tok Tutorial

Tik Tok Tutorial: Basic User Guide

Tik Tok is not a complex app. It’s very to use. You don’t need a special tutorial to start using it. However, this Tik Tok Tutorial guide will guide you to understand the platform better such as changing your username,…

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