How to Change Your Phone Number on Tik Tok

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How to change your phone number on Tik Tok. If you are planning to change your Tik Tok phone number and replace it with a new phone number this guide will put you through.

When you download Tik Tok, you will be required to either register using a phone number or an email address. However, if you are among the Tik Tok users that uses a phone number during registration and would like to change it here is a guide for you.

Tik Tok allows users to change phone number as long as they can prove that they are the one trying to change the phone number.

This approach is a way to unlink your phone number from Tik Tok mobile app. Since Tik Tok and Musically teamed up together, users are now allowed to change their musically phone number on Tik Tok app.

Your Tik Tok phone number is your Tik Tok registration number which can be accessed under your Tik Tok profile settings.

How to Change Tik Tok Phone Number

Here are steps to follow to change Tik Tok phone number to help unlink your phone number from the video-sharing app.

The Tik Tok username is located under the Tik Tok ID or username in your profile settings. If you don’t know how to go about this kindly follow these procedures.

1. Log in to your Tik Tok account using your Tik Tok username and password. You can change your Tik Tok username from number to your nickname following this guide.

2. Click on the head-gear icon to the bottom right and click on the menu option.

3. Click on Privacy & Settings

4. Select Manage my account

5. Tap Phone Number

6. Click on Change under the Change phone number

7. Enter your Tik Tok current phone number and do not forget to select your country code and press the arrow button to proceed.

8.  Enter Tik Tok change phone number verification code sent to your old Tik Tok phone number tap the mark to continue.

9. Enter your new Tik Tok phone and press the proceed button

10. Enter the verification code sent to your new Tik Tok Phone number and press the confirmation button.

You need new and old phone numbers to be able to change your Tik Tok phone number. Both phones must be accessible and be able to receive messages.

Hope you were able to remove your phone number from your Tik Tok musically account.

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