How to Delete Tik Tok Videos at Once

Delete Tik Tok videos all at once

Tik Tok videos sharing platform has gained a lot of popularity within a short period with everybody uploading various short videos to gain more views and gain more Tik Tok followers due to numerous features such as delete Tik Tok videos, change Tik Tok password, upload Tik Tok profile picture, delete draft videos, and a lot more.

However, a good way to build huge followers on Tik Tok is by uploading funny and captivating videos.

If any of your videos are of a low quality you may want to delete it. In this guide, I will take you through the entire process to delete Tik Tok videos.

If your video is more than one, I’ll teach you how to delete all your videos at once without losing a single follower.

Meanwhile, all deleted videos on Tik Tok will not be accessible again. All, if you choose to delete Tik Tok draft videos in your gallery, all will be deleted as well. This implies that, once you deleted your videos on Tik Tok including all your performing videos on Tik Tok neither you nor your followers will no longer be able to access it again.

Note: We’ll advise you to only delete your video (s) with low qualities and that’s not bringing the expected views on your timeline.

They are two ways to delete Tik Tok videos at once. The first approach will quit your Tik Tok account. And that is by deleting your Tik Tok account.

If you want to take some times off Tik Tok, you can delete your Tik Tok account permanently or temporarily put your Tik Tok account on hold.

However, the less lenient approach is to delete your Tik Tok videos all at once and still operate your Tik Tok account losing only your Tik Tok videos and start all over again.

How to Delete Tik Tok Account

When you choose to close your Tik Tok account permanently you also end your Tik Tok videos from existing. However, to delete your Tik Tok account permanently, follow the procedures in the guide that talks about “how to delete Tik Tok account“.

Delete Tik Tok Videos at Once

These procedures to delete all Tik Tok videos at once work on Tik Tok Android, Tik Tok iOS, Tik Tok Windows, and Tik Tok Web.

Note that, this how to delete your Tik Tok videos at once is irreversible once you click on the delete button. The procedures are the exact process I followed to delete my Tik Tok videos, most especially, the under-performing clips.

1. Launch Tik Tok app on your smartphone and log in to your Tik Tok account with your Tik Tok account username and password.

2. Click on the head-gear icon to the bottom right of your Tik Tok account to access your Tik Tok profile and gallery.

Delete Tik Tok videos at once

3. Go to the video you want to delete. To delete multiple videos, tick more than one video from your video gallery. To delete all, tick all videos in your gallery.

4. Tap the delete trash-can icon and press OK from the pop-up to delete all selected videos.

Delete Tik Tok videos all at once

Note: This process is irreversible.


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