How to Reset Tik Tok Password

Reset Tik Tok password

Reset Tik Tok password following these simple approaches. If you forgot your Tik Tok password, this guide will put you through how to recover it.

To access the Tik Tok video sharing platform, you need to enter your password and username. However, if you want to change your Tik Tok password or would love to reset your password here is a guide for you.

Suppose you already have huge followers in Tik Tok before forgetting your password you are at the right place to learn how to recover lost Tik Tok password.

Note: When you want to recover Tik Tok password you must have access to either your phone number if you register using a phone number or email if you use email to create your Tik Tok account for your account verification code.

Firstly, before you proceed to reset your password on Tik Tok you must make sure you are unable to login old TikTok information. However, if you were able to log in your TikTok information, then, it implies you will like to change your password.

Change Tik Tok Password

To change your TikTok password I’d advise you to follow the procedures below.

1. Launch the Tik Tok app

2. Go to your Tik Tok profile

3. Tap the menu option and click on privacy and settings

4. Click on manage my account

5. Tap change password

6. Create a new password and press the proceed button

7. Enter the Tik Tok verification code sent to your Tik Tok phone number and click proceed.

Now, your Tik Tok password will be changed. Hence you will not be able to login Tik Tok using the old TikTok ID and password.

Reset Tik Tok Password

To reset your Tik Tok password if you can’t remember it, I’d advise you follow these procedures

1. Launch the Tik Tok app

2. Click on the head-gear icon

3. Enter your Tik Tok phone number and click proceed

4. Tap forgot password

5. Enter the Tik Tok verification code and create a new password

6. Tick the accept below and you are done

Following the procedures shared above, you will be able to reset your Tik Tok account if you forgot your password as well as able to change your password from old to new.


  1. Tik tok wont work on 4g. All my other apps do but not this. 4g is fine, checked speed and everything else works as said… very annoyjng

  2. My boyfriend is logged out of tiktok and cant get back in cause he delated it for a day cause he didnt have enough space on his phone

  3. unable to get into tiktoc…changed fones and fone number and no longer have access to the original number …so now how can I get into it?

  4. hi, so I logged out of my account cause I was resetting my phone and I lost my tik tok account. I cant get back in because I forgot my email and i’ve changed my phone and number so I cant access the original number 🙁 can someone please help me out?

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