Tik Tok Tutorial

Tik Tok Tutorial: Basic User Guide

Tik Tok is not a complex app. It’s very to use. You don’t need a special tutorial to start using it. However, this Tik Tok Tutorial guide will guide you to understand the platform better such as changing your username,…

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Reset Tik Tok password

How to Change Your Phone Number on Tik Tok

How to change your phone number on Tik Tok. If you are planning to change your Tik Tok phone number and replace it with a new phone number this guide will put you through. When you download Tik Tok, you…

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Tik Tok Support Email Address

Tik Tok support email is available on Tik Tok contact page. If you want to contact Tik Tok just go to Tik Tok contact page and copy the contact you need Tik Tok to help or assist you and send…

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Tik tok not working

Fix Tik Tok Not Working on Android

This platform provides a solution to fix Tik Tok not working error message on Android and on iOS and the same approach can be used to fix Tik Tok not working on PC or on Tik Tok web. However, for…

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