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Tik Tok ++ APK download for Android. Download latest Tik Tok ++ v5.1.5 to boost Tik Tok followers and gain more views on your videos on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is a platform to share short videos and reach more audience than other platforms. With the Tik Tok plus plus you have control over some of the features of the platform.

The feature is similar to Snap ++ APK which allows SnapChat users to have absolute control over their device camera roll. 

In the case of the Tik Tok ++ APK, you have control over the welcome video that automatically played when you are logged in to your account on the platform.

Features of Tik Tok ++ APK

Tik Tok Mod called TikTok ++ APK has a lot of features over the official TikTok app available for download in the Google play store.

  1. Take absolute control of the TikTok videos on the home screen
  2. Install more than Tik Tok app on your smartphone
  3. Easy to find friends on TikTok
  4. Small in size like Tik Tok lite compared to Tik Tok APK and Tik Tok Google play store.
  5. Constant update for a new feature
  6. Bug fix on a constant basis
  7. Reset TikTok password
  8. Create new TikTok account
  9. Change TikTok username from digits to nickname

Download Tik Tok++ APK

Here are steps to download and install TikTok ++ APK on Android smartphones.

Go to phone settings >> security >> scroll down to unknown and toggle the enable icon >> access the popup warning >> OK

Tik Tok ++ APK

This feature will allow you to install apps from unknown sources such as Tik Tok APK.

Download Tik Tok ++ from this source to your phone

Now, swipe down the notification tray and click on the downloaded file TikTok_++_apk+5.1.5 version.

Tap the install button to the right of the interface and wait for a couple of seconds to install the app successfully.

Now, launch the app and enter your TikTok login information to start exploring the short video sharing platform.

Update: Here are the steps to fix TikTok not working or Unfortunate, Tik Tok app has stopped working.


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