Tik Tok Support Email Address

Tik Tok support email is available on Tik Tok contact page. If you want to contact Tik Tok just go to Tik Tok contact page and copy the contact you need Tik Tok to help or assist you and send an email to them.

However, there is an easy way to unleash Tik Tok support email address within the Tik Tok app. This implies that you can send a direct message to Tik Tok representative directly from the app.

If you have not downloaded Tik Tok join the app users today by downloading the latest version. You can also use Tik Tok on your computer running Windows and Mac OS.

For Tik Tok web, follow this guide to download Tik Tok for web using ARC Welder plugin.

Tik Tok Support Email

Here are the steps to reveal Tik Tok support email on Tik Tok Android settings.

1. Launch Tik Tok app on your smartphone and log in to your Tik Tok account.

2. Click on the head icon to the bottom right on your Tik Tok homepage

Tik Tok Support Email

3.  Click on the menu option to the top right and click on privacy and settings

Tik Tok Support Email

4. Scroll down the privacy and settings  interface and click on the about Tik Tok

Tik Tok Support Email

5. Both the Tik Tok website (www.tiktok.com) and Tik Tok official email address are available.

6. Tap “ tap to copy” to copy the official email address at tiktokfeedback@bytedance.com

Tik Tok Business Contact Email Address

You can contact Tik Tok for business or advertisement or make an inquiry about Tik Tok.

Tik Tok has a single email address for advertisement inquiries and press inquiries. To contact Tik Tok for business, the email address varies. This means that TikTok has a different business email address for the United State, Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

Advertisement Inquires: advertise@tiktok.com

Press Inquiries: pr@tiktok.com

Business Inquiries:

Japan: info_jp@tiktok.com
United States: info@tiktok.com
Europe: info_europe@tiktok.com
Latin America: info_latam@tiktok.com
Korea: info_kr@tiktok.com

Southeast Asia: info_sea@tiktok.com
For more information visit Tik Tok contact page

Update: Tik Tok app celebrated 1 Billion downloads from play store to outshined Facebook and Instagram in the US in the past months.

So, if you are not using Tik Tok to share your best moment you are missing out a lot. Tik Tok is replacing SnapChat anytime soon so don’t be left out. Download Tik Tok now.

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