How to Use Tik Tok App on Web Browser

TikTok Web

Tik Tok web allows users to login TikTok ID on PC, download, and uploads TikTok videos, change the username on a computer, and grow your Tik Tok followers.

Tik Tok web is different from WhatsApp web to sync WhatsApp mobile to WhatsApp web. There is no official way to use TikTok on the web except on PC using emulators.

To use TikTok on Windows and Mac computer, you need to download emulator such as Bluestacks, GenyMotion, emulator to download TikTok APK and install it on your Windows PC.

However, the only setback in using Tik Tok app on the web is that there is no website access to login TikTok on the web.

For instance, you can access WhatsApp web on to sync your WhatsApp app to your Windows. You can also use the Opera app for quick access.

But there is no to access TikTok on a web browser. However, I have found a means to use TikTok on a web browser using a browser plugin.

Tik Tok Web Using ARC Welder

ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) Welder is a Chrome extension to provide a Runtime for Chrome to be able to run APK package on browsers. ARC Welder is a popular extension with over 1,010,000 active users.

However, despite using ARC Welder for Tik Tok web, the limitation of this extension is that the plugin size measures 12.78MB from the Chrome extension download source but the file size is over 165MB.

Install ARC Welder

If you have the ARC Welder Chrome extension installed on your Chrome browser already, you should consider skipping this step. Else, to use TikTok on a web browser, this step is very important.

1.  Go to Chrome extension and search for “ARC Welder”

2. Click on “Add to Chrome”

Tik Tok Web

3. Done

The ARC Welder will be added to your Chrome extension’s list. Next, we’ll discuss how to install TikTok web using ARC Welder

Tik Tok on a Chrome Browser

Steps to install TikTok APK on the Chrome web browser using the ARC Welder Chrome extension.

1. Download TikTok APK to your computer desktop for easy access

2. Click on the Chrome menu option >> More Tools >> Extensions >> Developer Mode. You can also access all plugins via “chrome://extensions/”. Just copy and paste the URL in your Chrome and click on enter to open all extensions.

TikTok Web

Note: To make the ARC Welder Chrome plugin active you have to enable the developer’s mode.

3. Launch “ARC Welder” Chrome extension

Tik Tok Web

4. Click on “Choose File” and select a folder where you want to write the Tik Tok web app.

Tik Tok Web

5. Tap on “Add Your APK” and select “TikTok_v5.15_apk” app from the download folder.

6. Wait for a couple of seconds until the app is successfully uploaded and click on the test to launch your TikTok APK.

Tik Tok App

7. The TikTok app will be added successfully to your Chrome browser. To access TikTok we go to “chrome://apps/” without quotes and you are done.

Each time you want to use Tik Tok on the web just click on the APK app to launch via the ARC Welder app.

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